9cm Purse Frame


  • 9cm Metal Frame with hand sew holes

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If you want to add a fun touch to your next cute coin purse, or maybe even make an unusual glasses case, then we hope you’ll love this little sewing accessory! This metal 9cm purse frame is not only functional, but it also looks pretty, and gives a satisfying click closed every time you use it!

With holes strategically placed on each side, it’s easy to make a purse in any shape, style or size. Just match the opening roughly to the opening of the metal of the purse frame and hand-stitch it in place once you’re done making your purse. We recommend using a strong polyester or nylon thread and double or triple stitching the holes, or use embroidery floss to keep it in position. You might find it easier to tack down the middle holes of the frame on either side of your fabric first, then stitch it fully into position. This will help you keep the frame in the centre as it’s not always easy to clip it in place. Whether you want to use a similar colour thread to help it blend in, or make a feature of your stitches and use thread that is bright and contrasting is up to you. You could even hand stitch in a bead between every hole for even more fun!

You can pair this purse frame with any fabric, but non-stretch, medium-weight fabrics will usually work best. Light fabrics can be lined and stabiliser used in between so that it is strong enough to support the frame and hold its shape. Thick fabrics can be difficult to hand sew through the top seam to add the purse frame and can make for a bulky closure – have a strong needle and a good thimble on standby if you want to give heavier fabrics a try!

If you want some more tips on adding purse frames, then you might want to pop over and see our Purse Sewing Tutorial.

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