Clearance Plate / Hump Jumper


  • Use For:
    • Getting over bulky seams or surfaces
    • Sewing buttons with enough ease to pass through thick fabrics
    • Changing sewing machine needles


  • Suitable to use with any sewing machine.

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This clever little tool is known for helping sewing machines get up and down lumps and bumps, but did you know that it has 3 different and equally useful purposes?

How To Use It as a Hump Jumper:

Some sewing machine engines just don’t have the power to push up and get over the top of a bulky seam, just like a little old car and a steep hill, it’ll try to get up there but the stitching will likely get shorter as it chugs up slower, but the needle is still moving just as quickly as usual. The presser foot gets angled up, which changes the relationship with the needle angle, so threads can break and needles can snap, then you can get all frustrated and think you are doing something wrong when actually, your sewing machine just wanted a leg up the hill. Or maybe your machine is powerful enough to get up the hill but as soon as it gets to the top and has to point down, it angles down and wedges itself into the fabric getting stuck and causing just as many stitching headaches. That is where this handy little gadget comes in useful.

When you get to your bulky seam, stop sewing but leave the needle down. Lift up your foot and slide in the hump jumper. You have 2 different thicknesses to choose from – 3/16 of an inch (4.7mm) or 1/8 of an inch (3mm). So pick the side that is closest to the thickness of your lump. Slide it under your foot, and now you’re level with your hump – No more tipping foot, broken needles or thread nests! Just sew straight up and onto the seam. The clearance plate will just be pushed back as you go. Stop at the top of the hill. Switch your clearance plate to the front so now you can sew forwards onto it instead of downhill. As soon as your foot is over your bulky bit, just lift up the foot with the needle down and pull it out the way so you can marvel at your flawless pretty stitching. If your machine only struggles with going downhill, you might also want to try out a self-levelling foot.

What about top stitching along the edge of a bulky hem? No problem, just use the clearance plate to hold up the other side of your presser foot so it stays level and move it along as you go. This works great for small areas, but if you are doing this often or have a big area to cover, then you might want to look into getting a compensating presser foot. These feet have one side of the presser foot that is offset higher for your thick fabric to sit under. The other side is deeper to balance it out.


How To Use It To Change Needles:

Do you see that little hole in the end of one of the prongs? There’s a reason it’s there. You can use it to help you change sewing machine needles. All you need to do is slide your sewing machine needle into it, then unscrew the needle, and this little gadget will catch your needle for you. Only the thin part of the needle drops through, leaving the chunky part at the top sticking out for you to easily grab. So there’s no more stabbing your finger trying to grab the needle as it falls, or having it slip out and fall between your feed dogs where it is a pain to pick up.

Next, just swap out the old needle sitting in the hole for a new needle. Push it up into the hole (facing the right way around), then you can hold it there easily as you tighten the screw to keep it securely in place. It’s quick and easy and perfect for anyone who finds it hard to grip fine things, has butter-fingers, or for helping kids learn to sew while keeping their fingers away from the needle tip.


How To Use It To Sew Buttons:

Have you sewn buttons onto thick fabrics before only to find that they don’t easily go through the buttonhole, or even worse, that they pop open every time you move around in your lovely new jeans or your pretty new coat? This is because the button needs to have enough slack in the thread to clear the fabric it is passing through and sit above it, otherwise it will be constantly pulled back down. So how do you create slack in the thread when you sew buttons by machine? Easy! Match your fabric thickness up with the clearance plate so that you know whether to use the thinner or thicker side. Then sit your button on top of the clearance plate. Lower your button foot down onto them both and sew as you would usually. Just remember that with more thread slack, you may want to secure your thread ends better. So pass them both to the back and tie them in a knot.

Known Compatible Machines:

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Pfaff Creative Icon, Pfaff Performance Icon

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Singer 120U, Singer 121D, Singer 188K, Singer 191D, Singer 195K, Singer 196K, Singer 20U, Singer 241, Singer 251, Singer 281, Singer 31-15, Singer 331K1, Singer 366K, Singer 400W, Singer 402W, Singer 451K, Singer 491, Singer 591, Singer 660, Singer 691, Singer 95, Singer 96, Singer Centurion 121C

Singer Low Shank Home Sewing Machines

Singer 1007, Singer 1012, Singer 1014, Singer 1020, Singer 1030, Singer 1116, Singer 1120, Singer 117 Featherweight, Singer 118 Featherweight, Singer 127K, Singer 128K, Singer 1306, Singer 1408, Singer 1409, Singer 141, Singer 143, Singer 1507, Singer 152, Singer 157, Singer 158, Singer 159, Singer 15K, Singer 160 Capri, Singer 161 Capri, Singer 162, Singer 163, Singer 167, Singer 168, Singer 1812, Singer 185K, Singer 201K, Singer 2205 Sonata/Athena, Singer 2210 Sonata/Athena, Singer 221K Featherweight, Singer 2220 Sonata/Athena, Singer 222K Featherweight, Singer 2250 Tradition, Singer 2259 Tradition, Singer 2263 Tradition, Singer 2273 Tradition, Singer 2282 Tradition, Singer 239, Singer 240, Singer 242, Singer 247, Singer 248, Singer 252, Singer 257, Singer 259, Singer 2623, Singer 2662, Singer 285K, Singer 286, Singer 287, Singer 3000 Rumina, Singer 302, Singer 305, Singer 306, Singer 3102, Singer 3103, Singer 3105, Singer 315, Singer 317, Singer 3223 Simple, Singer 324 Featherweight, Singer 327, Singer 328, Singer 329, Singer 3321 Talent, Singer 3323 Talent, Singer 337, Singer 338, Singer 339, Singer 3400 Rumina, Singer 345, Singer 347, Singer 348, Singer 3515, Singer 353, Singer 354, Singer 357, Singer 358, Singer 359, Singer 360, Singer 362, Singer 367, Singer 368, Singer 3709, Singer 377, Singer 378, Singer 3810, Singer 3815, Singer 3820, Singer 3825, Singer 3827, Singer 3860, Singer 4205 Inspiration, Singer 4206 Inspiration, Singer 4210 Inspiration, Singer 4212 Inspiration, Singer 4220 Inspiration, Singer 4228 Inspiration, Singer 427, Singer 433, Singer 437, Singer 438, Singer 447, Singer 449, Singer 4522, Singer 4525, Singer 4526, Singer 4530, Singer 457, Singer 466, Singer 467, Singer 476, Singer 478, Singer 4826, Singer 486, Singer 495, Singer 498, Singer 5017, Singer 5028, Singer 5040, Singer 507, Singer 509, Singer 5102, Singer 5107, Singer 5122, Singer 5127, Singer 513, Singer 5132, Singer 5137, Singer 514, Singer 5142, Singer 5147, Singer 518, Singer 522, Singer 527, Singer 533, Singer 534, Singer 538, Singer 5417, Singer 5430, Singer 5502, Singer 5505, Singer 5522, Singer 5528, Singer 560, Singer 5802 Melodie, Singer 5805 Melodie, Singer 5806 Melodie, Singer 5808 Melodie, Singer 5810 Melodie, Singer 5812, Singer 5814, Singer 5816, Singer 5818, Singer 5832, Singer 6012, Singer 6038, Singer 6101, Singer 6102, Singer 6103, Singer 6104, Singer 6105, Singer 6106, Singer 6136, Singer 6184, Singer 6201 Samba, Singer 6211 Samba, Singer 6212 Samba, Singer 6215 Samba, Singer 6217 Samba, Singer 6408, Singer 6412, Singer 6416, Singer 6418, Singer 6423, Singer 7101, Singer 7102, Singer 7104, Singer 7105, Singer 7108, Singer 7110, Singer 7136, Singer 7146, Singer 7184, Singer 7285Q, Singer 7422 Confidence, Singer 7446 Confidence, Singer 7462 Confidence, Singer 7463 Confidence, Singer 7464 Confidence, Singer 7465 Confidence, Singer 7467 Confidence, Singer 7469 Confidence, Singer 7470 Confidence, Singer 7502, Singer 7640 Confidence, Singer 8209, Singer 8214, Singer 8222, Singer 8234, Singer 8280, Singer 8602, Singer 8606, Singer 8610, Singer 8614, Singer 8618, Singer 9602, Singer 9606, Singer 9610, Singer 9618, Singer 9802, Singer 9803, Singer 9804, Singer 9805, Singer 9806, Singer 9808, Singer 9810, Singer 9812, Singer 9814, Singer 9818, Singer 9828, Singer 9832, Singer 9836, Singer 9910 Quantum Stylist, Singer 9920 Quantum Stylist, Singer 9936, Singer 9940 Quantum Stylist, Singer 9980 Quantum Stylist, Singer 9985 Quantum Stylist, Singer Brilliance 6160/6180/6199/62C Plus, Singer C430 Professional, Singer CE100 Futura, Singer CE150 Futura, Singer CE200 Futura, Singer CE250 Futura, Singer CE350 Futura, Singer Curvy 8763/8770/8780, Singer DSX2, Singer Fashion Mate 3333/3337/3342/5500/5560, Singer Heavy Duty 44S/64S/4411/4423/4432/4443/4452/5523, Singer Heavy Duty Denim HD6335M, Singer Heavy Duty HD6605C, Singer Heavy Duty HD6705C, Singer L47, Singer M2105, Singer M47, Singer One, Singer One Plus, Singer Quantum Stylist – 9960, Singer Simple 3221/3232, Singer Tradition 2277, Singer XL400 Futura, Singer XL420 Futura, Singer XL550 Futura

Singer Slant Shank Vintage Sewing Machines

Singer 1000 (Futura), Singer 1036, Singer 1050 Futura, Singer 1100, Singer 1410, Singer 1411, Singer 1425, Singer 2001, Singer 2010 Touchtronic, Singer 266, Singer 290, Singer 301, Singer 30920, Singer 401, Singer 401A, Singer 403, Singer 404, Singer 411, Singer 431, Singer 4552, Singer 4562, Singer 4610, Singer 4622, Singer 500, Singer 501, Singer 502, Singer 503, Singer 503A, Singer 5910, Singer 5932, Singer 600, Singer 600E Touch & Sew, Singer 603, Singer 604, Singer 610, Singer 611, Singer 6200, Singer 620E1, Singer 6233, Singer 6234, Singer 6235, Singer 625, Singer 625E1, Singer 625E6, Singer 625E7, Singer 626, Singer 6260, Singer 6267, Singer 6268, Singer 626E1, Singer 626E6, Singer 626E7, Singer 628, Singer 629, Singer 630, Singer 631, Singer 635, Singer 635E3, Singer 635E6, Singer 635E7, Singer 636, Singer 638, Singer 639, Singer 640 Touch & Sew, Singer 645, Singer 646, Singer 649, Singer 6704, Singer 6740, Singer 6800 Series, Singer 700, Singer 7028, Singer 7033, Singer 706, Singer 708, Singer 714, Singer 717 School, Singer 719, Singer 720, Singer 721, Singer 724, Singer 725, Singer 729, Singer 734, Singer 737, Singer 740, Singer 746, Singer 750, Singer 755, Singer 756, Singer 758, Singer 760, Singer 766, Singer 770, Singer 774, Singer 775, Singer 776, Singer 778, Singer 784, Singer 786, Singer 8019, Singer 900-3, Singer 9005, Singer 9008, Singer 9010, Singer 9012, Singer 9015, Singer 9018, Singer 9020, Singer 9022, Singer 9027, Singer 9032, Singer 9034, Singer 9110, Singer 9111, Singer 9113, Singer 9123, Singer 9133, Singer 9134, Singer 9135, Singer 9137, Singer 9143, Singer 920-3, Singer 9210, Singer 9217, Singer 9224, Singer 9240, Singer 93220, Singer 9323, Singer 9334, Singer 9400, Singer 9408, Singer 9410, Singer 9416, Singer 9417, Singer 9420, Singer 9423, Singer 9430, Singer 9432, Singer 9440, Singer 9444, Singer Athena 2000 (2000A)

Toyota Sewing Machines

Toyota 21DES, Toyota 2640, Toyota 4070, Toyota 7150, Toyota 7180, Toyota 9600, Toyota CEV, Toyota CU17, Toyota CU21, Toyota Deco25, Toyota EC1 Series, Toyota ECO series, Toyota ERGO17D, Toyota ES121, Toyota ESG325, Toyota ESM21, Toyota ESS224, Toyota ESY221, Toyota EX490, Toyota EX690, Toyota EZ800, Toyota Ezone, Toyota FSR21, Toyota FSS21, Toyota FSS224, Toyota JetB224, Toyota JFS18, Toyota JFS21, Toyota JNS17CT, Toyota JS021, Toyota JSA21, Toyota JSPB15, Toyota OEKAKI series, Toyota Quilt Series, Toyota RA224, Toyota RS2000, Toyota RSR21, Toyota SA53, Toyota SP10, Toyota SPA15, Toyota SPB15, Toyota SPB26, Toyota SPB34, Toyota SPJ17XL, Toyota STF-92, Toyota STF16, Toyota Super Jeans Series

Uten Low Shank Home Sewing Machines

Uten 2200, Uten 2685A/2685A Plus

DISCLAIMER: This list of compatible sewing machines has been compiled to the best of our knowledge. As we are unable to personally test every sewing machine on this list ourselves, we recommend that you check that the foot is fitted correctly and that the needle has sufficient clearance from the edges of the foot before you start to sew. If you have any problems with fitting your foot, please get in touch for help or to arrange a refund or exchange.

Manufacturer Part Number: 413105601

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