Universal Sewing Machine Needles


  • Brand – Organ Needle
  • Packs of 5 or 10 Universal Sewing Machine Needles
  • Needle Size 8/60 – 21/130
  • Needle fitting 130/705H – Fits Most Home Sewing Machines
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Organ needles are a world-renowned brand of Japanese-designed sewing machine needles. They are known for their high quality, low breakage rates and professional results.

These needles are coded HAx1. This means they are universal sewing machine needles that work best with non-stretch fabrics. They will fit almost any home sewing machine.

The needle size you want to use will vary depending on the fabric you want to sew. We recommend the following combinations of needles and fabrics:

  • Size 8/60: This size is best suited to lightweight fabrics such as silk, chiffon, and organza. This needle is slim and makes smaller holes in these delicate materials.
  • Size 11/75: This is one of the most commonly used sizes. It is ideal for medium-weight fabrics like light to medium-weight cotton, polycotton, linen, and rayon.
  • Size 12/80: Again a very commonly used all-purpose sewing machine needle that is suitable for medium-weight fabrics such as quilting cotton, polyester blends, and flannel.
  • Size 14/90: This needle is sturdier than the previous ones meaning it breaks less easily as your fabrics get heavier. This size of needle is best suited for medium to heavy-weight fabrics like denim, twill, and canvas.
  • Size 16/100: For heavier fabrics like upholstery fabrics, faux leather, and duck cloth, this is the perfect needle size.
  • Size 18/110: This heavy-duty needle is suitable for heavy-weight fabrics including leather, thick canvas, and upholstery materials.
  • Size 21/130: This sturdy and strong needle is best suited for sewing with extra heavy-weight fabrics like thick leather, heavy-duty canvas, and upholstery vinyl.

Although this works well as a rough guide, remember that if you are sewing through multiple layers, you may need to size up your needle to match the fabric thickness you are sewing through.

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