Sewing Machine Short Handled Screwdrivers


  • Easy Grip Short Handle
  • Useful for sewing machine screws in confined places such as removing the needle plate (under the presser foot), changing presser feet or changing needles.
  • Suitable to use with any sewing machine.
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If you’re ready to say goodbye to struggling with screws in tight places, then we hope that these short-handled screwdrivers will be just the thing to help you. If you’ve ever fumbled with a tiny tool or mini screwdriver you won in a cracker, or worse, tried to unscrew your needle plate (the metal piece under the presser foot) with a normal-sized screwdriver at a diagonal angle, then this is the tool for you.

Designed with either a cross head, or a flat head end, these screwdrivers are compatible with any sewing machine. With a chunky, easy-to-grip handle, they are easy to hold and use, which comes in especially handy for teaching young sewers or for those who have difficulty with fine grip. Here’s an extra tip for you if you do find it hard to unscrew your sewing machine screws – add a tiny amount of sewing machine lubricant to the thread of the screw, and it’ll screw in and out with less effort next time!

We think that these screwdrivers are perfect for easily changing needles or presser feet, adjusting the bobbin tension on front-loading sewing machines, or for removing the needle plate under your presser foot, which makes them a great addition to your sewing machine cleaning and maintenance routine.

These screwdrivers have been made to last, with a solid metal shaft that has been moulded right into the handle.

Which screwdriver tip do you need?
  • If you need to access a screw with a single line on the top, pick the flat-head screwdriver.
  • If you need to access a screw with 2 lines in a cross shape on top, pick the cross-head screwdriver – this is sometimes also called a Phillips head.


Don’t forget that you should always unplug your sewing machine before using a screwdriver to complete any maintenance on your machine. Always check the manual for instructions on how best to clean away all the lint, dust and thread remnants that build up inside your machine.

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