Sewline – Fabric Glue Pen Refills


  • Brand: Sewline
  • Main Colour: Blue or Pink or Yellow when first applied. Dries Clear.
  • Requires Sewline Glue Pen to use.
  • Use in place of pins, clips, tacking or basting as a temporary glue.
  • Repositional after glue application.
  • Water soluble.
  • No sticky residue on the sewing needles.
  • Acid-Free.
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Are you oh, sew in love with your Sewline Glue Pen? Well, good news for you, crafty pal! You don’t have to let your creative journey be halted by an empty glue pen – you can keep your sewing game strong and your projects on point. Just keep your glue-tastic sewing adventures going with any of these Sewline Glue Pen refills! You’ll never run out of that sticky goodness when you’re in the midst of an amazing project. These refills are made specifically to extend the life of your favourite Sewline Glue Pen.

Whether you’re partial to pink, yearning for yellow, or wanting a brilliant blue, we’ve got your back with our range of Sewline Glue Pen refills. Each refill, regardless of the colour, promises the same reliable performance – starting out colourful so you can see where you’ve been, then drying clear and non-sticky. The more the colour contrasts with the fabric you want to use, the easier it will show up. Helping you say goodbye to painful pinprick injuries and tedious basting, and opening up a colourful world of more carefree crafting.

With our 6-packs bursting with just blues, or a medley of two blue, two pink, and two yellow, you’re all set for uninterrupted, fabric-friendly fun. Need less? No worries, we also have convenient 2-packs in blue or yellow as well. Now you can enjoy the convenience and ease of using your trusty Sewline Glue Pen without any fabric-fumbling frustrations, no matter how epically large your sewing project is.

Changing the refill is quick and easy. Just hold the fluted grip, and twist the barrel to push the old glue up until you expose the white base. Pull it out and put your new refill in its place – voilà, you’re already ready to roll again! It’s a cinch to swap them in and out, so you can keep your creative momentum going strong.

Perfect for quilting, applique, English Paper Piecing, zip placements, adding ribbons and trims exactly where you want them, tricky hems, perfectly pattern-matched seams or machine embroidery, this pack of 6 refills ensures you have plenty of adhesive ammunition for your to keep up with all your sewing needs. With these refills by your side, you’re always prepared for a creative session full of fun and fabulously folded fabric! And who knows, with all this extra glue at your disposal, you might just be tempted to try more new techniques and uses that you never thought possible, and find new sewing strengths and passions.

So, if you’ve already discovered the freeing feeling of ditching the pins, then grab this amazing pack of 6 Sewline Glue Pen refills, make sure you have a Sewline Fabric Glue Pen at the ready to put them in and keep the good times glueing!

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