Sewline – Glue Pen – Water Soluble with Blue Refill


  • Brand: Sewline
  • Main Colour: Blue when first applied. Dries Clear.
  • Contains 1 pen and 1 refill.
  • Use in place of pins, clips, tacking or basting as a temporary glue.
  • Repositional after glue application.
  • Water soluble.
  • No sticky residue on the sewing needles.
  • Acid-Free.

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This temporary glue pen from Sewline is truly a game-changer for those of us who crave a seamless sewing session. With its water-soluble formulation, you’ll find that it sticks like a dream without clogging up your machine needle or leaving any sticky residue. No more prickly pins or tedious tacking, the Sewline Glue Pen is the ultimate quick and convenient way to hold your fabrics together for sewing, quilting, applique work, hemming, and even inserting zippers.

The magic lies in the glue’s ability to start off blue, allowing you to see where you’ve applied it, and then dry clear in no time at all. Made with an acid-free formula, you can trust that your fabrics will remain safe and secure. And if you ever need to adjust or reposition your pieces? Don’t fret – this temporary glue is designed to let you easily pull them apart. When used sparingly, you won’t leave a trace on most fabrics, but you can be sure that any residue that is left will wash straight out.

English Paper Piecing enthusiasts, now is the time to rejoice! This nifty little glue pen is your new best friend, making it a breeze to start foundation paper piecing blocks and saving you oodles of time and pinprick injuries! Plus being pen-like makes it easy to travel with to piece on the go.

Here’s the scoop on using the Sewline Glue Pen for English Paper Piecing (EPP): First, place your paper template on the wrong side of your fabric, making sure to leave a seam allowance. Now, with your glue pen in hand, gently dab a small amount of glue along one edge of the paper template. Fold the fabric over the glued edge, ensuring it sticks and holds firm. Continue applying glue and folding the fabric around the template until all edges are secured – although not an official recommendation, some people find that they get a longer-lasting and more secure hold by ironing their pieces in place after glueing, so experiment on a scrap piece first and see what works best for your fabric and technique.

Once you have prepped all your fabric pieces, you can effortlessly stitch them together. The Sewline Glue Pen will hold those fabric edges down, making it a breeze to line up your pieces and sew your shapes without the need for pins or thread basting. And since this glue is designed to be temporary, you can easily peel apart any misplaced pieces to make quick readjustments.

With this glue, you’ll be creating gorgeous, geometric EPP designs, from classic hexagons to intricate stars, in a jiffy. It’s a game-changer for EPP enthusiasts and newbies alike, transforming the once tedious process into a delightful, glue-tastic adventure!

For applique aficionados and decorative devas, this trusty tool helps hold those intricate pieces in place while you sew, letting you create complex patterns with ease and look positively professional! Now imagine all the other creative projects you can tackle with this glue pen in your arsenal. Use it for holding trims or ribbons in place while you stitch a decorative scene around them without needing to use special sewing machine feet to feed your trims into place as you sew.

Is sewing clothing more your thing? This really comes into its own for beginners or when using slippy fabrics or where precision matters. This little glue pen is a hero for perfect zipper positioning. Use a few dabs of glue to hold it all in position in any situation where wonky slip-sliding zippers and pin-related annoyances usually prevail! You can also hold tricky hems and seams in place before sewing, and use it to pattern match to perfection, making tricky garments come together with ease and precision.

But that’s not all. If you are using machine embroidery, this glue pen is amazing for so many projects. Say goodbye to shifting applique pieces or struggling with in-the-hoop pattern fabrics and zippers moving mid-stitch. And those fabrics that can’t be hooped? No more pinning them around the edges, just dab spots of glue to the stabiliser and hold it still exactly where you need it. This magical little glue pen can help you tame those puckers and master your machine embroidery projects in no time.

Now, let’s talk about how user-friendly this is. To use it, simply extend the glue stick like you would a kids’ glue stick designed for paper. It works the same but is filled with glue for fabric instead. Simply hold the fluted grip and turn the barrel clockwise to push the glue up. Only push it up so the glue level is just above the holder. Dab the glue where you need it. You’ll see the blue colour so you know where you’ve been. Give the fabric a gentle squeeze together to stick it and you’re done already! Need a refill? Just reverse the process to expose the white base. Pull out the old one, put a new one in its place and wind it back down again ready to go again.

Just a little tip from one sewing-savvy pal to another: use the glue sparingly to avoid it being pushed through the fabric. A little goes a long way. For thinner fabrics where glue may push through, you may want to consider placing paper or a protective surface underneath your fabric as you glue if it isn’t a surface that you can easily wipe clean after.

This pack includes one Fabric Glue Pen and one spare glue refill, so you’ll have plenty to keep you going. Plus, refills can be purchased separately, ensuring you never run out of this sewing sidekick.

Why not give it a try? We can raise our glue pens together in a toast to frustration-free sewing and celebrate the lack of pin-related injuries.

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