Sewline – Styla – Water Erasable Fabric Marker


  • Brand: Sewline
  • Main Colour: Blue – starts off light then darkens over a few minutes
  • Contains 1 pen
  • Precision 0.8mm ceramic roller point
  • Water erasable
  • Best visible on light fabrics

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This water-erasable fabric marker pen from Sewline is no ordinary fabric pen. With a 0.8mm ceramic rolling ball point, precision is the name of the game. The Styla provides the perfect fine line without any bleeding, ensuring that your markings are just as you intended, and exactly where you want them to stay.

But the Styla is more than just a smooth operator. It’s considerate too, protecting your fabric from any potential harm. You see, it doesn’t snag or damage the weave. Although some traditional markers need to be dragged hard across your fabric to leave your marks, this pen treats your materials with the utmost respect. Leaving a perfect mark with a light touch, it prefers to dance across the fabric delicately, like a figure skater on fresh ice. It’s smooth and effortless, so there is no roughhousing that might stretch or damage those delicate fabrics or precision cuts, ensuring that the weave remains as pristine as ever.

The ink starts as a pale blue, gradually deepening after a few moments, allowing you to easily see your markings on white and light-coloured fabrics with ease. On darker fabrics, the ink might be less visible.

From smooth to textured, this fabric marker leaves its mark. From classics like cotton and linen to modern polyesters and nylons, or smooth and slippery like silk and satin, the result is a beautiful, clearly marked fabric ready for your next creation. However, it might not be as effective on woollen fabrics. As with any other fabric marker, we always recommend you patch test first to make sure the mark and removal are exactly as you need.

When the time comes for those markings to vanish, the Styla’s got you covered. A dab of water or a brush of the Sewline Aqua Eraser, and those marks disappear like magic!

However, please be warned, Styla’s ink is not a fan of the iron. DO NOT IRON this marker before erasing.  The heat from the iron acts like a binding agent, locking in the markings and transforming them from temporary guides into permanent guests.

The Styla Water Erasable Pen by Sewline is an absolute champion when it comes to a variety of creative applications. Its precision and versatility make it a great tool for a wide range of projects.

For dressmaking, it’s perfect for all those pattern markings. Add in your notches, draw in your darts then erase them and redraw as you alter your pattern and draft your way to perfection as many times as you need to. When working with templates and stencils, or simply tracing your own designs, this Styla really steps up and lets you draw all the intricate patterns you need, be it delicate florals or complex geometrics. You can then use your markings to cut and sew your way to beautiful precision whether your marking out applique pieces, quilting an intricate design or creating an embroidery statement piece. Then when your masterpiece is complete, simply add water and all those marks will disappear and reveal all your beautiful thread work.

So, whether you’re an experienced seamstress taking on an intricate sewing creation or a beginner who wants easier markings to follow, this water-erasable Styla is definitely a tool in your sewing box worth having to hand.

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