Twin Stretch Needle 75/4mm


  • Brand – Organ Needle
  • 1 x Stretch Twin Needle
  • Needles Spaced 4mm Apart
  • Needle Size 75
  • Needle fitting 130/705H – Fits Most Home Sewing Machines

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Organ needles are a world-renowned brand of sewing machine needles which are known for their quality and professional results.

Each packet contains 1 needle twin needle in a protective case, which is suitable for sewing light to medium-weight stretch fabrics.

Stretch fabrics are usually sewn with a stretch or zigzag stitch. Twin needles allow you to sew a double straight stitch on stretch fabrics while still allowing enough movement to reduce thread breakages, which is perfect for sewing things like t-shirt hems. You could match the colours or use 2 different contrasting colours for a more fun look. You can also use twin needles for decorative stitches with your stretch fabrics such as creating pintucks, or attaching braids or trims.

So what do all the numbers on this needle mean?

75 – This is the needle size. This makes it perfect for medium-weight fabrics like cotton jersey, lycra, stretch velvet, or PUL fabric.

4 – This number tells us the distance that these needles are set apart – 4mm.

130/705 – This refers to the needle system code. In this case, it is the needle system code that is used for domestic home sewing machines such as those made by Singer, Brother, Bernina, Toyota, Elna, Pfaff, Newhome, Harris, Silver, and many more.

H – This tells us what shape the needle is. H is a rounded medium ballpoint tip which is the shape that works well for sewing stretch and knit fabrics.

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