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What Is A Compensating Foot?

Meet the High Shank Left 1.6mm (1/16th Inch) Compensating Foot. This clever little sewing machine part does exactly what it says in the name. It helps you to compensate for those hard-to-sew thick fabrics which form lumps and bumps as the fabric overlaps around seams and hems. These tricky fabric terrains may leave other feet quaking in their boots (or should we say in their shanks?!). But with this nifty foot, you can confidently sew effortlessly over the uneven landscapes of denim, corduroy, canvas or more.

This foot is designed for those moments when you’re dealing with thick, hefty fabrics that cause a height difference along the seam line. Where a regular foot may wobble, leading to uneven stitches, snapped and nested threads, and a whole heap of frustration. Enter this hero, the compensating foot. The high inner edge is designed to glide smoothly over the higher side of your fabric mounds.

Or maybe you are navigating a bulky hem or even stitching over a piping trim. These are the sewing projects where this compensating foot shines. Instead of fighting it, the unique foot shape helps keep your foot perfectly level over that stepped fabric surface, helping you to keep a consistent stitch length and tension all the way.

So, whether you’re stitching up a denim storm, making corduroy cool again, or creating canvas masterpieces, this foot’s got you covered!

How Do You Fit A Compensating Sewing Machine Foot?

First off, you’ll want to say goodbye to your current foot, and you’ll need to lift your presser foot up to do it. Most machines have a small screw on the side of the shank, where you can let loose and unfasten that foot.

Then, enter our star of the show, the 1/16th inch left compensating foot. Slide this into place and replace the screw, gently tightening it until it is secured in place.

Line up your fabric with the thicker part on the inside of the sewing machine. As you guide your fabric under this wizard of a foot, you’ll notice how the higher inner edge effortlessly climbs the fabric mountain, while the outer edge stays in the valley. The foot does the compensating, so you don’t have to.

Will This Compensating Foot Fit My Sewing Machine?

High-shank sewing machines are generally industrial-style sewing machines. If you are unsure if this foot is the perfect fit for your machine? Don’t fret, we’ve got your back. You can either see if you can spot your exact model of sewing machine in our compatible sewing machines list, or have a read of our sewing machine feet guide to help you determine what fitting you need for your machine.


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Known Compatible Machines:

BabyLock High Shank Industrial Sewing Machines

Babylock Accomplish – BL520B/BL530B, Babylock BL510A, Babylock Jane – 500 BL500A & 510 BL510A

Brother High Shank Industrial Sewing Machines

Brother BQ2450, Brother BQ3050, Brother DZ1500F, Brother Innov-is XP1, Brother PC8500, Brother PC8500D, Brother PQ1300, Brother PQ1500, Brother PQ1500S, Brother PQ1500SL, Brother VM5100, Brother VM5200, Brother VM6200D, Brother VQ2400, Brother VQ3000, Brother XV8500D, Brother XV8550D

Janome Category C High Shank Sewing Machines

Janome Atelier 3, Janome MC10000, Janome MC10001, Janome MC11000, Janome MC9000, Janome MC9500, Janome MC9700

Juki High Shank Industrial Sewing Machines

Juki DDL-227, Juki DDL-555, Juki DDL-8500, Juki DDL-8700, Juki TL-18QVP, Juki TL-2000Qi, Juki TL-2010Q, Juki TL-2020PE, Juki TL-2200QVP Mini, Juki TL-98E, Juki TL-98P, Juki TL-98Q, Juki TL-98QE

Kenmore High Shank Industrial Sewing Machines

Kenmore 158.440

Singer High Shank Industrial Sewing Machines

Singer 120U, Singer 121D, Singer 188K, Singer 191D, Singer 195K, Singer 196K, Singer 20U, Singer 241, Singer 251, Singer 281, Singer 31-15, Singer 331K1, Singer 366K, Singer 400W, Singer 402W, Singer 451K, Singer 491, Singer 591, Singer 660, Singer 691, Singer 95, Singer 96, Singer Centurion 121C

DISCLAIMER: This list of compatible sewing machines has been compiled to the best of our knowledge. As we are unable to personally test every sewing machine on this list ourselves, we recommend that you check that the foot is fitted correctly and that the needle has sufficient clearance from the edges of the foot before you start to sew. If you have any problems with fitting your foot, please get in touch for help or to arrange a refund or exchange.

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