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This screw-on sewing machine foot is used to reduce friction caused by the presser foot when sewing. The walking foot connects with the needle bar which allows it to recreate movement from above the fabric mimicking the speed and movement of the feed dogs below the fabric. This means that instead of the fabric just being pulled through from below, it is able to feed the fabric through the presser foot from above and below at the same time.

The walking foot is particularly useful if you are sewing multiple layers of fabric as it reduces the likelihood of fabric movement due to friction above either pulling or distorting the fabric. This makes it a very commonly used sewing machine foot for quilting. It also helps to reduce the pull on stretch fabrics to avoid problems like the top fabric ending up longer than the bottom fabric by the end of the seam. Feeding the fabric through from above can also be beneficial for sewing sticky and harder to sew fabrics which tend to get stuck under the presser foot. For example, vinyl, leatherette and fur will usually sew more easily with a walking foot than a standard universal presser foot.

This walking foot comes with a removable, adjustable metal guide bar. This can be used to help sew an exact distance either from the edge of the fabric to help keep seams or top stitching more uniform. Or, it can be used to line up the walking foot with a previously sewn line to repeat a pattern which is useful for sewing projects such as quilting.

This is a low shank (Universal Fit) screw fitting. This sewing machine foot will attach to low shank sewing machines. This includes most standard domestic sewing machines e.g. Brother, Janome, Toyota. If you aren’t sure if this will fit your machine, check out our list of compatible sewing machines or take a look at our sewing machine feet guide.


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Known Compatible Machines:

BabyLock Low Shank Home Sewing Machines

Babylock BL100A (Amelia), Babylock BL137A (Sofia), Babylock BL137A2 (Sofia), Babylock BL16 (Denim Pro), Babylock BL18 (Denim Pro), Babylock BL18A (Natalie), Babylock BL200A (Elizabeth), Babylock BL2160, Babylock BL22 (Design Pro), Babylock BL23 (Design Pro), Babylock BL23A (Maria), Babylock BL35B Zeal, Babylock BL37 (Creative Pro), Babylock BL3800, Babylock BL40 (Creative Pro), Babylock BL40A (Grace), Babylock BL6150, Babylock BL6200, Babylock BL6300, Babylock BL66 (Xscape), Babylock BL6600, Babylock BL67 (Audrey), Babylock BL6700, Babylock BL6800, Babylock BL7800, Babylock BL80B, Babylock BL9, Babylock BLAE Aerial, Babylock BLCC (Crafter's Choice), Babylock BLCC2 (Crafter's Choice 2), Babylock BLDC (Decorator's Choice), Babylock BLDC2 (Decorator's Choice 2), Babylock BLDY (Destiny), Babylock BLG (Ellegante), Babylock BLG2 (Ellegante 2), Babylock BLG3 (Ellegante 3), Babylock BLL (Ellageo), Babylock BLL2 (Ellageo 2), Babylock BLMAV2 (Aventura II), Babylock BLMJZ (Jazz), Babylock BLMLR (Lyric), Babylock BLMPR2 Presto II, Babylock BLMSP (Soprano), Babylock BLMVR (Verve), Babylock BLMY (Melody), Babylock BLN (Esante), Babylock BLQC (Quilter's Choice), Babylock BLQC2 (Quilter's Choice 2), Babylock BLR (Ellure), Babylock BLR2 (Ellure Plus), Babylock BLR3 (Ellure Plus), Babylock BLSA (Solaris), Babylock BLSO (Ellisimo), Babylock BLSOG (Ellisimo Gold), Babylock BLSR (Espire), Babylock BLSY (Symphony), Babylock BLTA Altair, Babylock BLTP (Tempo), Babylock ESG3 (Ellageo 3), Babylock ESI (Esante), Babylock ESI2 (Esante), Babylock ESN (Encore), Babylock ESP (Espire), Babylock INT (Intrigue)

Brother Low Shank Home Sewing Machines

Brother AE1700, Brother BC1000, Brother BC2100, Brother BC2500, Brother BM2700, Brother BM2700AS, Brother BM3600, Brother BQ1350, Brother BQ950, Brother BX2925PRW, Brother CE1100PRW, Brother CE1125PRW, Brother CE4000, Brother CE5000, Brother CE5000PRW, Brother CE5500, Brother CE5500PRW, Brother CE8080PRW, Brother Comfort 25A, Brother Comfort 35A, Brother CP6500, Brother CP7500, Brother CS100T, Brother CS10S, Brother CS4000, Brother CS5055PRW, Brother CS6000, Brother CS6000B, Brother CS6000I, Brother CS6000T, Brother CS7205, Brother CS770, Brother CS80, Brother CS8060, Brother CS8070, Brother CS8072, Brother CS8080, Brother CS8120, Brother CS8130, Brother CS8150, Brother CS9100, Brother CX155LA, Brother DS120, Brother DS140, Brother DZ2400, Brother DZ2750, Brother DZ3000, Brother DZ3400, Brother DZ820E, Brother ES2000, Brother EX660, Brother FS100WT, Brother FS130QC, Brother FS180QC, Brother FS20, Brother FS210, Brother FS250FE, Brother FS40, Brother FS40WT, Brother FS60X, Brother FS70WTX, Brother HC1850, Brother HE120, Brother HE120PKG, Brother HE240, Brother HF27 Strong & Tough, Brother HQ33, Brother HS1000, Brother HS2500, Brother HS3000, Brother HS9500, Brother Innov-is 15, Brother Innov-is A16, Brother Innov-is A50, Brother Innov-is A60, Brother Innov-is A60SE, Brother Innov-is F420, Brother Innov-is NS1750D, Brother Innov-is NV1100, Brother Innov-is NV1300, Brother Innov-is V3, Brother Innov-is V5, Brother Innov-is V7, Brother Innovis A150, Brother Innovis A80, Brother Innovis M280D, Brother Innovis NV1800Q, Brother Innovis NX200, Brother Innovis NX400, Brother KE14S, Brother L14S, Brother L30, Brother L40, Brother LB6770PRW, Brother LB68000PRW, Brother LB7000BNDL, Brother LS14, Brother LS14S, Brother LS2000, Brother LS2020P, Brother LS2250PRW, Brother LS2300PRW, Brother LS2320, Brother LS2350, Brother LS2400, Brother LX17, Brother LX1700, Brother LX2375, Brother LX25, Brother NQ1300, Brother NQ1300PRW, Brother NQ3500D, Brother NQ3600D, Brother NQ575PRW, Brother NQ700, Brother NQ700PRW, Brother NQ900, Brother NQ900PRW, Brother NS20, Brother NS30, Brother NS40, Brother NS80, Brother NS80PRW, Brother NV1000, Brother NV1200, Brother NV1250D, Brother NV1500, Brother NV1500D, Brother NV200, Brother NV2500D, Brother NV2800D, Brother NV350SE, Brother NV400, Brother NV4000D, Brother NV400SE, Brother NV4500D Duetta, Brother NV600, Brother NV6700D, Brother NV900D, Brother NX200, Brother NX200 Pacesetter, Brother NX200LE, Brother NX200QE, Brother NX250, Brother NX400, Brother NX400 Pacesetter, Brother NX400LE, Brother NX400Q, Brother NX400QE, Brother NX450, Brother NX450Q, Brother NX5000, Brother NX600, Brother NX650, Brother NX650Q, Brother NX800, Brother PC210, Brother PC210PRW, Brother PC2800, Brother PC3000, Brother PC4000, Brother PC420, Brother PC420PRW, Brother PC5000, Brother PC6000, Brother PC6500, Brother PC7000, Brother PC7500, Brother PS100 Pacesetter, Brother PS200T, Brother PS2200, Brother PS2300, Brother PS2500, Brother PS3700, Brother PS500 Pacesetter, Brother PS700 Pacesetter, Brother QC1000, Brother QS480, Brother RS260, Brother S62, Brother SC6600, Brother SC9500, Brother SE1900, Brother SE270D, Brother SE350, Brother SE400, Brother SE600, Brother SE625, Brother Simplicity SB1000T, Brother Simplicity SB3129, Brother Simplicity SB3150, Brother Simplicity SB4138, Brother Simplicity SB700T, Brother SM6500PRW, Brother SQ9000, Brother SQ9050, Brother SQ9185, Brother SQ9285, Brother SQ9310, Brother ST150HDH, Brother ST371HD Strong and Tough, Brother ST531HD Strong and Tough, Brother Stellaire Innov-is XJ1, Brother ULT2003D, Brother VE2200, Brother VQ2, Brother VX1250, Brother VX1400, Brother XL3100, Brother XL3200, Brother XL3500I, Brother XL3600, Brother XL3750FS, Brother XL4012, Brother XL4013, Brother XL4014, Brother XL4015, Brother XL5230, Brother XR1300, Brother XR1355, Brother XR27NT, Brother XR31, Brother XR32, Brother XR33, Brother XR3340, Brother XR34, Brother XR37NT, Brother XR4040, Brother XR6060, Brother XR6600, Brother XR7700, Brother XR9000, Brother XR9500PRW, Brother XR9550PRW

Elna Low Shank Home Sewing Machines

Elna 1000 Sew Green/Sew Fun, Elna 2100, Elna 2110, Elna 2130, Elna 2300, Elna 2600, Elna 2800, Elna 31, Elna 3210 Jeans, Elna 3230, Elna 33, Elna 5000 Club, Elna 5100, Elna 6000, Elna 6001, Elna 6003, Elna 6004, Elna 6005, Elna 62, Elna 6200 Quilters Touch, Elna 64, Elna 6600 Quilters Touch, Elna 7000, Elna 72, Elna 7200, Elna 7300 Pro Quilting Queen, Elna 8000 Diva, Elna 9000 Diva, Elna 9500, Elna Carina, Elna Elnita, Elna eXperience 520, Elna eXperience 540, Elna eXperience 620, Elna eXperience 660, Elna eXplore 220, Elna eXplore 240, Elna eXplore 320, Elna eXplore 340, Elna Jubilee, Elna Lotus, Elna Lotus Series, Elna Q6600, Elna ST, Elna Star Series, Elna Stella, Elna SU, Elna TSP, Elna TX

Juki Low Shank Home Sewing Machines

Juki DX-2000QVP, Juki DX-3000QVP (Sayaka), Juki DX-4000QVP (Kokochi), Juki HZL-12Z, Juki HZL-27Z, Juki HZL-29Z, Juki HZL-353ZR, Juki HZL-355ZW, Juki HZL-357ZP, Juki HZL-60HR, Juki HZL-70HW, Juki HZL-80HP, Juki HZL-DX5, Juki HZL-DX7, Juki HZL-E61, Juki HZL-E70, Juki HZL-E71, Juki HZL-E80, Juki HZL-F400, Juki HZL-F600, Juki HZL-G110, Juki HZL-G120, Juki HZL-G210, Juki HZL-G220, Juki HZL-K65, Juki HZL-K85, Juki HZL-LB5020, Juki HZL-LB5100, Juki HZL-NX7 (Kirei), Juki HZL-UX8 (Kirei), Juki-HZL-F300

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Kenmore 385.1011180, Kenmore 385.1154180, Kenmore 385.1155180, Kenmore 385.11607090, Kenmore 385.1168280, Kenmore 385.1168291, Kenmore 385.12014590, Kenmore 385.1233180, Kenmore 385.1249180, Kenmore 385.1249380, Kenmore 385.1254180, Kenmore 385.1258180, Kenmore 385.12714090, Kenmore 385.1274180, Kenmore 385.1278191, Kenmore 385.12814490, Kenmore 385.15208400, Kenmore 385.1584180, Kenmore 385.16130200, Kenmore 385.16231300, Kenmore 385.16231301, Kenmore 385.16231400, Kenmore 385.1684180, Kenmore 385.1695180, Kenmore 385.17622090, Kenmore 385.1764180, Kenmore 385.1778180, Kenmore 385.1778181, Kenmore 385.17824090, Kenmore 385.1782480, Kenmore 385.17826690, Kenmore 385.17828490, Kenmore 385.17881, Kenmore 385.17922090, Kenmore 385.17928090, Kenmore 385.18836090, Kenmore 385.1884180, Kenmore 385.19153690, Kenmore 385.19157100, Kenmore 385.1950280

Singer Low Shank Home Sewing Machines

Singer 1007, Singer 1012, Singer 1014, Singer 1020, Singer 1030, Singer 1116, Singer 1120, Singer 117 Featherweight, Singer 118 Featherweight, Singer 127K, Singer 128K, Singer 1306, Singer 1408, Singer 1409, Singer 141, Singer 143, Singer 1507, Singer 152, Singer 157, Singer 158, Singer 159, Singer 15K, Singer 160 Capri, Singer 161 Capri, Singer 162, Singer 163, Singer 167, Singer 168, Singer 1812, Singer 185K, Singer 201K, Singer 2205 Sonata/Athena, Singer 2210 Sonata/Athena, Singer 221K Featherweight, Singer 2220 Sonata/Athena, Singer 222K Featherweight, Singer 2250 Tradition, Singer 2259 Tradition, Singer 2263 Tradition, Singer 2273 Tradition, Singer 2282 Tradition, Singer 239, Singer 240, Singer 242, Singer 247, Singer 248, Singer 252, Singer 257, Singer 259, Singer 2623, Singer 2662, Singer 285K, Singer 286, Singer 287, Singer 3000 Rumina, Singer 302, Singer 305, Singer 306, Singer 3102, Singer 3103, Singer 3105, Singer 315, Singer 317, Singer 3221 Simple, Singer 3223 Simple, Singer 3232 Simple, Singer 324 Featherweight, Singer 327, Singer 328, Singer 329, Singer 3321 Talent, Singer 3323 Talent, Singer 3333 Fashion Mate, Singer 3337 Fashion Mate, Singer 3342 Fashion Mate, Singer 337, Singer 338, Singer 339, Singer 3400 Rumina, Singer 345, Singer 347, Singer 348, Singer 3515, Singer 353, Singer 354, Singer 357, Singer 358, Singer 359, Singer 360, Singer 362, Singer 367, Singer 368, Singer 3709, Singer 377, Singer 378, Singer 3810, Singer 3815, Singer 3820, Singer 3825, Singer 3827, Singer 3860, Singer 4205 Inspiration, Singer 4206 Inspiration, Singer 4210 Inspiration, Singer 4212 Inspiration, Singer 4220 Inspiration, Singer 4228 Inspiration, Singer 427, Singer 433, Singer 437, Singer 438, Singer 447, Singer 449, Singer 4522, Singer 4525, Singer 4526, Singer 4530, Singer 457, Singer 466, Singer 467, Singer 476, Singer 478, Singer 4826, Singer 486, Singer 495, Singer 498, Singer 5017, Singer 5028, Singer 5040, Singer 507, Singer 509, Singer 5102, Singer 5107, Singer 5122, Singer 5127, Singer 513, Singer 5132, Singer 5137, Singer 514, Singer 5142, Singer 5147, Singer 518, Singer 522, Singer 527, Singer 533, Singer 534, Singer 538, Singer 5417, Singer 5430, Singer 5502, Singer 5505, Singer 5522, Singer 5528, Singer 560, Singer 5802 Melodie, Singer 5805 Melodie, Singer 5806 Melodie, Singer 5808 Melodie, Singer 5810 Melodie, Singer 5812, Singer 5814, Singer 5816, Singer 5818, Singer 5832, Singer 6012, Singer 6038, Singer 6101, Singer 6102, Singer 6103, Singer 6104, Singer 6105, Singer 6106, Singer 6136, Singer 6160 Brilliance, Singer 6184, Singer 6201 Samba, Singer 6211 Samba, Singer 6212 Samba, Singer 6215 Samba, Singer 6217 Samba, Singer 6408, Singer 6412, Singer 6416, Singer 6418, Singer 6423, Singer 7101, Singer 7102, Singer 7104, Singer 7105, Singer 7108, Singer 7110, Singer 7136, Singer 7146, Singer 7184, Singer 7285Q, Singer 7422 Confidence, Singer 7446 Confidence, Singer 7462 Confidence, Singer 7463 Confidence, Singer 7464 Confidence, Singer 7465 Confidence, Singer 7467 Confidence, Singer 7469 Confidence, Singer 7470 Confidence, Singer 7502, Singer 7640 Confidence, Singer 8209, Singer 8214, Singer 8222, Singer 8234, Singer 8280, Singer 8602, Singer 8606, Singer 8610, Singer 8614, Singer 8618, Singer 8770 Curvy, Singer 9602, Singer 9606, Singer 9610, Singer 9618, Singer 9802, Singer 9803, Singer 9804, Singer 9805, Singer 9806, Singer 9808, Singer 9810, Singer 9812, Singer 9814, Singer 9818, Singer 9828, Singer 9832, Singer 9836, Singer 9910 Quantum Stylist, Singer 9920 Quantum Stylist, Singer 9936, Singer 9940 Quantum Stylist, Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist, Singer 9980 Quantum Stylist, Singer 9985 Quantum Stylist, Singer C430 Professional, Singer CE100 Futura, Singer CE150 Futura, Singer CE200 Futura, Singer CE250 Futura, Singer CE350 Futura, Singer DSX2, Singer Heavy Duty 4411, Singer Heavy Duty 4423, Singer Heavy Duty 5523, Singer Heavy Duty Denim HD6335M, Singer Heavy Duty HD6605C, Singer Heavy Duty HD6705C, Singer L47, Singer M2105, Singer M47, Singer One, Singer One Plus, Singer XL400 Futura, Singer XL420 Futura, Singer XL550 Futura

Uten Low Shank Home Sewing Machines

Uten 2200, Uten 2685A

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