Pfaff – Clear Quarter Inch Piecing Guide Foot With IDT


  • For precision piecing or top stitching ¼ inch away from the fabric edge.
  • Fits Pfaff sewing machines in categories D, E, G, J, KL.
  • Compatible with IDT systems.

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This quarter-inch guide foot has been designed for use with Pfaff Sewing Machines in categories D, E, G, J, KL.

If your Pfaff sewing machine has the IDT system, you can engage this function to use with this foot.

This presser foot is perfect for piecing fabric together with a ¼ inch seam allowance, or for top stitching ¼ inch away from the fabric edge. The clear plastic construction and red guide-lines help you improve your precision. Markings are spaced at ¼ inch intervals, with the central marking being level with the needle. This makes it easy to not only line up your outer edge with the metal guide, but also to be able to time your corners and turns with precision. To do this, simply stop sewing with the needle down at the point where the quarter-of-an-inch-marking before the needle-marking is, and swivel the fabric to line the next side up perfectly with the metal guide.

This foot is only suitable for sewing a straight stitch. The small needle opening reduces friction and fabric movement, helping you get even more stitch accuracy. This is what makes this little sewing machine part perfect for quilters who like to fussy cut and have full control of their fabric position regardless of how tiny the pieces are, or for those who like to pattern match with precision. If quilting is your thing, then you might want to check out our other presser feet that are perfect for quilting.

As with any snap on foot, it is quick and easy to install on your sewing machine. Simply lift up and unclip your current presser foot, then lower the foot bar adapter down onto the central pins until this foot clicks into place. Always check your foot is fitting well and the needle moves easily within the needle hole before you start to sew.

If you are unsure if this will fit your Pfaff Sewing Machine, then click on the “Compatibility” tab to see the sewing machines that this foot has been designed to work with. By clicking on your sewing machine, you’ll be able to see all of the other presser feet that we have that are designed to fit your machine.

If you want more general help with sewing machine feet and fittings, you can take a look at our sewing machine foot guide.

You can also see all of our Pfaff Sewing Machine Feet here!

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Manufacturer Part Number: 820881096

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