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This foot will fit old-style Singer sewing machines with a slanted bar to which the snap-on adaptor or screw-on feet attach. If you aren’t sure if this will be compatible with your sewing machine, then please check out our list of compatible sewing machines or read our sewing machine feet guide below.

This sewing machine foot has a screw-on fitting. It has a guide which allows you to pass folded binding up to approximately 2cm (0.8 inch) wide (4cm/1.6 inch unfolded). We recommend that you first stitch a couple of stitches in place with the fabric and binding underneath the presser foot. This helps to hold everything in the correct place. Leaving the needle in the down position, lift the presser foot then ease the bias binding into the guide (you might find that using a pin to help ease the fabric through the guide may help in some cases). Make sure that the fabric is sitting all the way into the centre of the guide before you lower the foot and start stitching. This foot is not suitable for use with very thick fabrics or bindings.


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Manufacturer Part Number: #6289
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