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This double welting foot will fit vintage Singer sewing machines which have an angled bar for the snap-on adaptor or screw-on feet to attach to. If you aren’t sure if this will be compatible with your sewing machine, then please check out our list of compatible sewing machines in this listing or have a read of our sewing machine foot guide. You can see all of our Vintage Slant Shank Singer Sewing Machine feet here.

The double welting foot, is also known as a double piping foot. It has deep grooves on the underside of the foot which helps you to sew single or double piping, which is a great way to add a decorative edge to cushions, pillows, and upholstery projects.

To attach the double welting foot to your vintage Singer sewing machine, just remove the regular presser foot and screw on the double welting foot securely in its place. Once attached, you may need to adjust your machine settings for the best results. A straight stitch is usually recommended to sew piping. Depending on the thickness of your piping you may also want to lengthen the stitch length and increase the thread tension to pull the stitches through more easily around it. It’s generally a good idea to test your settings on a scrap piece to see which settings make the neatest stitches.

Without this foot, it can be tricky to keep the piping evenly positioned and to sew close enough to the cord without accidentally stitching over it. The double welting foot has two deep grooves on the underside that help to guide the piping, making it easy to sew perfectly around it, giving you a neat and even finish with minimal effort.

We recommend checking how easily your cord passes through the grooves of the foot. If you want to use a narrow cord, it may have too much movement to sew accurately so you may be better off using a piping foot which has shallower grooves. Whereas if you’re looking to use a really thick cord, it may not pass through easily, so would be better sewn with a zipper foot.

So if you like adding a touch of sophistication or a pop of contrasting colour to your sewing projects, then we hope that this double welting foot will help you pipe your way to success!

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Known Compatible Machines:

Singer Slant Shank Vintage Sewing Machines

Singer 1000 (Futura), Singer 1036, Singer 1050 Futura, Singer 1100, Singer 1410, Singer 1411, Singer 1425, Singer 2001, Singer 2010 Touchtronic, Singer 266, Singer 290, Singer 301, Singer 30920, Singer 401, Singer 401A, Singer 403, Singer 404, Singer 411, Singer 431, Singer 4552, Singer 4562, Singer 4610, Singer 4622, Singer 500, Singer 501, Singer 502, Singer 503, Singer 503A, Singer 5910, Singer 5932, Singer 600, Singer 600E Touch & Sew, Singer 603, Singer 604, Singer 610, Singer 611, Singer 6200, Singer 620E1, Singer 6233, Singer 6234, Singer 6235, Singer 625, Singer 625E1, Singer 625E6, Singer 625E7, Singer 626, Singer 6260, Singer 6267, Singer 6268, Singer 626E1, Singer 626E6, Singer 626E7, Singer 628, Singer 629, Singer 630, Singer 631, Singer 635, Singer 635E3, Singer 635E6, Singer 635E7, Singer 636, Singer 638, Singer 639, Singer 640 Touch & Sew, Singer 645, Singer 646, Singer 649, Singer 6704, Singer 6740, Singer 6800 Series, Singer 700, Singer 7028, Singer 7033, Singer 706, Singer 708, Singer 714, Singer 717 School, Singer 719, Singer 720, Singer 721, Singer 724, Singer 725, Singer 729, Singer 734, Singer 737, Singer 740, Singer 746, Singer 750, Singer 755, Singer 756, Singer 758, Singer 760, Singer 766, Singer 770, Singer 774, Singer 775, Singer 776, Singer 778, Singer 784, Singer 786, Singer 8019, Singer 900-3, Singer 9005, Singer 9008, Singer 9010, Singer 9012, Singer 9015, Singer 9018, Singer 9020, Singer 9022, Singer 9027, Singer 9032, Singer 9034, Singer 9110, Singer 9111, Singer 9113, Singer 9123, Singer 9133, Singer 9134, Singer 9135, Singer 9137, Singer 9143, Singer 920-3, Singer 9210, Singer 9217, Singer 9224, Singer 9240, Singer 93220, Singer 9323, Singer 9334, Singer 9400, Singer 9408, Singer 9410, Singer 9416, Singer 9417, Singer 9420, Singer 9423, Singer 9430, Singer 9432, Singer 9440, Singer 9444, Singer Athena 2000 (2000A)

DISCLAIMER: This list of compatible sewing machines has been compiled to the best of our knowledge. As we are unable to personally test every sewing machine on this list ourselves, we recommend that you check that the foot is fitted correctly and that the needle has sufficient clearance from the edges of the foot before you start to sew. If you have any problems with fitting your foot, please get in touch for help or to arrange a refund or exchange.

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