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Singer Slant Shank Screw On - Roller Foot


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Sewing bee fabrics haberdashery and ribbons


This foot will fit old style Singer sewing machines which have a slanted bar that the snap-on adaptor or screw-on feet attach to. If you aren’t sure if this will fit your machine, check out our sewing machine feet guide.

This roller foot attaches directly to the bar by using the screw which ordinarily holds your standard foot or snap-on adaptor in place on your sewing machine. The roller foot has a movable cylinder shape that spins as the fabric moves to roll over the top of the fabric when the feed dogs move the fabric from the underside. This maintains continuous pressure in contact with the fabric without the friction generated by a static sewing machine foot. This makes it a great presser foot to use with fabrics that would usually be difficult to work with such as waterproof materials or furry fabrics, or for working multiple layers of thinner fabrics such as cotton.

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Sewing Machine Fitting

All fabrics will be cut as a continuous piece unless you ask us otherwise. In the unlikely event this isn’t possible we will always contact you first. 

Our fabrics are all hand cut with care, never torn.

We recommend that all of our fabrics are washed at 30°c or below to improve fabric durability and colour vibrancy.

We try to match the colours in our photos as closely as possible but some differences may occur.

Size Guide & Conversion

1 Metre = approx. 39  Inches

Half Metre = approx. 19 ½ Inches

Fat Quarter = approx. 50cm x 40-50cm

(approx. 19½ Inches x 15 ¾ – 19½ Inches)